The issues we are facing in today’s culture are all matters of the heart. By reaching the heart of our kids with the gospel and the love of the Father we will continue to impact their lives, our community and society as a whole.

Arise Student Ministry

We help youth to learn and understand that God’s word is relevant to daily life. A personal relationship with Him provides us with the knowledge that results in positive changes in attitudes, actions, and life-style.

Kids Church

We want each child to know that God is real and that a personal relationship with Him gives meaning to life. We help each child develop a growing relationship with Christ.

Dreamers Rise

Just three years ago an after school tutoring program called Dreamer’s Rise was started. This program is being led by our very own, amazingly gifted, Pam Safi. Mrs. Pam and her group of volunteers provide a Christ centered environment that is empowering our kids to dream.

Elevate Love

Dance classes are offered through a partnership with Elevate Dance Ministry out of Louisville. This is an amazing ministry that has allowed us to intertwine the creative arts into a gospel centered environment. When the world tries to tear them down, they can confidently rise knowing they have been made in His image!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela